Tim Davis - The Hamptons Luxury Market Leader
Tim Davis - The Hamptons Luxury Market Leader
Licensed as Timothy G. Davis, Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker At The Corcoran Group

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Hamptons Magazine-8/12/2011

Tim Davis
Senior Vice President, Regional Brokerage Advisor, East End, The Corcoran Group
What can you do to ensure that the value of your home stays high?
Keep it well maintained-it is that easy. You need to keep your windows clean, your plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems updated and your exterior, which is subject to all kinds of elements, refreshed. You cannot let it get to the point where the outside elements, whether it be it rain or snow or ice, get into your wood shingles. The best way is by doing an annual walk-around inspection and seeing what needs to be addressed before it is a problem.
What type of home architecture is most popular this season?
The traditional architecture we have seen in the Hamptons in past years is still predominant. However, we have seen contemporary homes and architecture pop up more often than in the last 10 years.
Why do you think that is?
Typically they are in locations where you have a phenomenal view. People want to take advantage of their outdoor view from inside. Designs that are more in tune with the outside elements are typical of contemporary architecture; you have more expansive viewing spaces.
How can you tell if a home will be good for additions or renovations?
I think the easiest way to tell is by looking for a classic profile, a home that looks like it can be added to without removing an entire wing or floor. Sometimes it is not easy to see without having somebody there who can tell you and show you how you can do it. I always find that it is good to recommend a designer or an architect who can look at a space and figure out how to add to it.-Jordan Beckoff
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